“Gran, tell us a bedtime story!”

“Again? I just told you one last night!”

“We want another one…”

“Alright, alright. Have I ever told you the story of the Blue Wolf?”


“Well then! Many years ago, when my mother was a child, there came to town a story. A man and his son lived in the hills, and tended sheep near the woods. One day, while the child was out shepherding the flock, a blue wolf appeared at the edge of the forest. Somehow made unafraid by its demeanor, the boy approached the wolf. It stood still, but seemed inviting. The boy, brought up to be kind, noticed the wolf looked thin. He opened his pack, took out his salted meat for lunch, and carefully laid half upon the ground and took several steps back. The wolf swiftly gobbled the meat, gave the boy a long look, and melded back into the woods. Later that day, the boy felt the hairs raise on the back of his head. He turned just in time to see a mountain lion rush out toward one of the sheep. Suddenly a blue blur leapt from the forest and became one with the mountain lion. The boy blinked, and just as quickly the Blue Wolf stood atop the dead lion.”

“Great story Gran!”

“Oh, I’m not to the important part yet. For a long while after, the boy and the Blue Wolf became friends, of sorts. The boy would share food in good times, and just share a scratch behind the ears in lean. He always was protected by the Wolf. One day, the boy’s mind was wandering. He had recently met the Miller’s daughter, and his mind was consumed with thoughts of her hair in the sun. When the Blue Wolf came out of the forest, the boy didn’t notice. The wolf waited patiently, but the boy never came over. That afternoon, on the way home, the boy was attacked and badly maimed by a bear. The boy saw the wolf at the edge of the clearing, but he sat and did nothing.”

“What?! What’s the point of that story, Gran?”

“The point is children, pay the Blue Wolf however you can and he’ll do anything for you, no matter how dangerous. Pay nothing, and he’ll watch you suffer.”

The members of Bluewolf are a collection of capable friends who have tired of their small town of Bern’s Hollow, in the Kingdom of Callen.