The Burning Plague - pt. 1

And so it begins...

The characters are meeting at The Cracked Door, when Antion’s father comes in, and tells them a tale of woe from the nearby town of Duvik. Duvik is being decimated by a terrible disease, and to add insult to injury, the town’s miners have gone missing.

Bluewolf goes to Duvik, where they find the man who runs the mine, a cleric, and a shopkeeper. Thorgrim comes up with a plan to dump dye in the water in the cave (that they were told about), and see if it really does connect to the town.

The group enters the mine, seeing signs of violence. They come upon two overturned carts, one covering a human body. When lifting the cart, they set of a Thunderstone trap, which also triggers a small rockslide.

They continue on into a mess hall, only to discover several kobolds! After nearly losing Parra, the team defeats the kobolds, and halts for a short rest.



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