Berns Hollow

Bern’s Hollow, in the Kingdom of Callen, is named after Fagan Bern, who first carved the area out of both the Old Forest itself, and the territory of the orcs who controlled the region. A large battle was once fought at the edge of the clearing for the central town, where many orcs and Callenians died.

The town produces lumber, rare herbs, strong wool and hearty vegetables. The wares are sold in Earling, the largest nearby city. Earling is the last major stop before reaching The Great Rift on the path into Hillend.

Bern’s Hollow has a population of 350 in the immediate surroundings, though only 80 live in the main town proper. The town has a city council headed by a mayor, appointed by the local lord, currently Lord Gareth, though traditionally the city councils offers their pick. The current Mayor is Veston, who is also the Miller.

The town is frequented by merchants, seeking to bypass the additional costs of buying the good in Earling. For this reason, the Inn is larger than in most comparable towns.

The richest family is that on Antion, who has interest in fur trade, as well as other undisclosed funds.

The racial makeup is mostly human, with a few Elven, Eladrin, Dwarven, and Halfling families. There are only three Dragonborn in the town, including Parra.

The main town is situated around the road and a large common square, with a town well. The buildings are built in a rough semicircle, centered on the well and facing east. The mill is a few hundred yards north of town, on a turn in Deer Creek.

The town of Duvik lies further into the woods, and on the slopes of the mountains. Most of the passage to Duvik goes through Bern’s Hollow.

The Inn is owned and run by Alrick, with help by his son Frederick and his wife Elsa.

Berns Hollow

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