Thrand is a human Ranger, who prefers to fight with two weapons.

He is a mysterious loner who has come to know few in Bern’s Hollow, mostly comprised of the members Bluewolf. His family only comes to town twice a year, and hardly speaks to anyone. Wears only forest colors, and carries a haunted look.

Thrand is a brash talker, full of vim and vigor and ready to take on the world. He has a lot of opinions, and tells many fine stories, but curiously never about himself. He is always ready with a brief smile, though it never lasts.

He always checks the exits to a room when he walks in, and generally seems uncomfortable indoors. He always carries his gear with him, and he smokes a long wooden hand-carved pipe.

He has lived in a well appointed cave near to town for the last two years, but still seems to get along well enough with his family. He seems to have traveled, but is reluctant to give any details. He originally told the group the story of the Blue Wolf, and brought up the idea of beginning a band of heroes.


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