Wenner is a halfling rogue. He has shaggy brown hair and stands just 4’. He is quite deft, and very convincing. Antion’s father has kept an eye on Wenner, saying “he could sell a farmer his own cow, then lease him the milk.”

Wenner is the son of the Bern’s Hollow hooper, and never wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Wenner is always jovial, and always quick with a (not so well thought out) quip. He has a biting sense of humor, but just enough tact to get away with it. He is quick to make a bet, and easy to goad into inadvisable action.

Wenner is the town rascal. Anytime a small axe goes missing from the wood pile, a pie from a windowsill, or a pint from the bartop, everyone looks to him. (And they’re usually right) He can be murderous once in a fight, though is generally a youngish, lovable scamp.

Though the other members debated for a while about inviting him, Wenner’s acceptance of the invitation to Bluewolf came as a surprise to no one, as it gave him an outlet for both his pent up energy and his hidden ferocity.


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